Our many services include but are not limited to those found below:

Office Policies

We understand how important your time is, and we apologize if we ever keep you waiting. Unfortunately, we cannot predict emergencies or the seriousness of each appointment. At times, this can cause us to run late. We appreciate your patience and strive to exceed your expectations.


We encourage all patients to read their insurance policy handbook and to become familiar with their coverage and pre-certification requirements. We participate with many medical insurance plans. If we are a participating provider on your plan, we will accept your valid insurance card for the services we provide you. Your co-payment will be required at the time of service. Any deductible applied to our fee or non-covered charges will be your responsibility. We will file a claim on your behalf to your insurance company. We do require a current copy of your insurance card and a picture ID with each visit. If you do not have your card with you, we will ask that you pay for the visit.

Self-Pay Patients

If you do not have medical health insurance or are receiving medical care that is not covered under your benefits payment, you will be considered a self-pay patient. Self-pay patients are expected to pay for their visit in full same day.

Lab Services

Laboratory services are primarily provided by HealthLab, unless otherwise requested. Your specimens and blood samples will be collected in our office. You will be contacted by your physician or his/her assistant by mail, electronic notification or phone with your results. Please call our office at (312) 263-5517 if you have not received your lab test results within two weeks.

Our Pap tests and biopsies are also primary sent to HealthLab for interpretation by their cytologists and/or pathologists. If your results are abnormal, you will be contacted by your physician or his/her assistant.

For questions about your HealthLab bill please contact their billing department at 630.933.6657.

Women’s Health Consulting uses many different lab companies for a variety of services, including but not limited to genetic testing. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the doctors and staff if your in or out-of-network status with any lab company and your particular insurance carrier necessitates the need to use one lab instead of another.