The Double Times: Winter 2018 Edition

What’s Happening In Health And Wellness

In this issue you’ll find:

  • Information about January, February and March health awareness months
  • Our Spring SculpSure promotion including new before and after pictures, a comparison between SculpSure and fat freezing, and Dr. McDonald’s personal laser journey.

January was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Cervical Health Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves from HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. HPV is a very common infection that spreads through sexual activity, and it causes almost all cases of cervical cancer.

About 79 million Americans currently have HPV. Many people with HPV don’t know they are infected. And each year, more than 11,000 women in the United States get cervical cancer.

The good news?

The HPV vaccine (shots) can prevent HPV.
Cervical cancer can often be prevented with regular screening tests and follow-up care.
Cervical cancer screenings can help detect abnormal (changed) cells early, before they turn into cancer. Most deaths from cervical cancer could be prevented by regular screenings and follow-up care.

Click HERE for more information.

February is American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Fortunately, it is largely preventable and there are many things people can do to reduce their risk, such as being more active.

Join the NHLBI and its The Heart Truth® program this year in encouraging Americans to move more and Move with Heart. You should strive for at least 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) each week of physical activity that gets your heart pumping and leaves you a little breathless. There are flexible ways to break it into amounts of daily activity, and even small amounts add up and can have lasting heart health benefits.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Did you know there is a Worldwide Endometriosis March? Well, there is. #EndoMarch2018.


There is a great article from last year over at The Gyneco-(b)Logic that discusses what endometriosis is and ways to manage it. Check that out if you have the chance.


Women’s Health Consulting has a SculpSure offer just in time for Spring!

This offer is for Patients Only. If you are a patient and you refer a friend (who is not a patient), we can offer you and the person you refer a slightly different discount.

For treatments booked and paid for from February 21 through April 1st, we are offering one treatment, one site for $500, which is a tremendous savings. Dr. McDonald did it. CLICK HERE to see her transformation.

SculpSure is non-surgical body contouring which can help you achieve a slimmer appearance in those stubborn areas. We can treat areas such as the arms, belly, love handles, back and thighs with a treatment plan that customized to your desired results. Results can be seen as soon as 6 weeks after the initial treatment.

Also, ask about our spring promotion on Total Core Makeovers!

Call 312-263-5517, extension 7, or fill out the form below to receive a call with more information and to book a free consult.


Also, for those who are curious about how SculpSure differs from fat freezing, check out this Infographic.




Thank you for letting the doctors of Women’s Health Consulting care for your health and wellness needs.

We appreciate you!

The Double Times, November 2017

What’s Happening At WHC?

We have some exciting things happening.


November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Learn more about this disease and what you can do to raise awareness.

Introducing our first…

WHC Newsletter Feature


In this issue, we feature artwork created by the amazing Margot Craig. Margot took on the task of creating a piece that could stand out in the halls of WHC. This piece is an amazing statement of feminity and grace. We are proud to have purchased this piece and to feature Margot’s talent in this issue.

Check out her Facebook Page for more from Margot.

Dr. McDonald published her first Children’s book and just finished writing her first adult book.

My Body Is My Temple is a book about building confidence for girls ages 8-10. Click here to learn more and to find out how to get your copy.

It Smells Just Like Popcorn:  It is scheduled for release in December, but you can learn more about it and gain access to a free e-view (a word Dr. McDonald made up) by visiting this website and clicking on the floating book.



…our body sculpting laser, is going strong. We had a great Labor Day promotion that our patients loved. Now as the year-end approaches, we are offering everyone, patient, and non-patient, 15% off when treatments are pre-paid. Refer a friend and get an additional 5% off of your future treatments!

Call today to schedule a free consult!



Our Phreesia system can allow you to pay outstanding balances online AND our My Health Record system will allow you to request an appointment online. All you need to do is submit some options for dates. Then our schedulers will call you back and schedule your appointment.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The Double Times, Volume 3

Summer in Chicago is coming to an end (a tear drops) and there are a lot of new and exciting things happening at WHC.

In this issue of The Double Times, you will find SculpSure News, updates on the success of Dr. McDonald’s blog, and important health updates for August 2017, which is National Immunization Awareness Month.

SculpSure News

The doctors are excited to announce that the FDA approved the treatment of legs with our SculpSure Laser. As a result, we are offering a back to school sale on laser body sculpting. For anyone, patient or non-patient, who books laser treatments for any body area before Labor Day, we are offering a 20% discount for the services provided. Call today and dial extension 8 to book your free consultation. Ask about out total body composition imaging as well.


The Gyneco-(b)Logic

Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald is also gaining significant notariety with her blog, The Gyneco-(b)Logic. In July, the Facebook page for the blog reached a record 15K views. This is astounding for a blog that was only started in January. If you haven’t already, check out the page.  Here is a snippet of what it’s all about:


Health and life are intimately connected. The Gyneco-bLogic is here for your edu-tainment. Click here to learn more about who we are.



9 out of 10 adults lack the health knowledge needed to manage health and prevent disease.

Women’s health is particularly complicated. Research from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University revealed only 26 percent of women look closely at their vaginas.

Here we break down commonly misunderstood health topics in familiar terms. Then you don’t have to rely on your Google-infused best-friend for understanding.



We write about platonic relationships, life topics, spiritual growth and successful romance. Social-Logic encompasses a broad range of topics.

Our own experiences, and years of caring for women in all walks of life have given us pearls that will improve your knowledge of this world and relationships with others.

This segment promises to teach you something new and keep you guessing on what we’ll tackle next.


Natural Products and Commercial Products Featured

Home remedies and daily uses for products that are found in nature are examined in these posts. These products are wonderful and generally serve the purpose intended in a natural and safe way.

We shop a lot. Reviews guide our selections, so why not provide some. When we find products that are liked by many, we share. Leave a comment about a product that you would like to see featured.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

We all need shots (also called vaccinations or immunizations) to help protect us from serious diseases. To help keep our community safe, Women’s Health Consulting is proudly participating in National Immunization Awareness Month.

Shots can prevent serious diseases like the flu, measles, and pneumonia. It’s important to know which shots you need and when to get them.

Everyone age 6 months and older needs to get a flu vaccine every year. Many other shots work best when they are given at certain ages.

Talk to your doctor or nurse to make sure that everyone in your family gets the shots they need. To learn more, visit this link.

Thank you for visiting our site and being a patient at WHC. We look forward to seeing you soon and please don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more from WHC.

The Double Times, Volume 2

WHC has some exciting things happening. In this issue you will find information about the following:

  • May Is Preeclampsia Awareness Month
  • The Latest From The Gyneco-bLogic
  • An Invitation to Attend our SculpSure event on  May 24th
  • A Fun Light-hearted Video About Good People Doing Good Things. We all need some good in our lives, especially these days! Red Nose Day is May 25th, 2017

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

The following information is courtesy of

Preeclampsia is a condition in which a woman with previously normal blood pressure develops high blood pressure at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later. It can be life-threatening and can lead to serious short- and long-term health problems for the mother and her fetus.

Although the exact number of pregnancies affected by preeclampsia is not known, estimates suggest that the condition occurs in about 4% of pregnancies in the United States. The numbers are higher worldwide.

In May, the Preeclampsia Foundation External Web Site Policy and its partners marked Preeclampsia Awareness Month External Web Site Policy to raise awareness about the condition and its symptoms. As a follow up to those efforts, the NICHD highlights its research on preeclampsia, including its mechanisms and possible prevention and treatment.

NICHD research aims to improve understanding, detection, prevention, and treatment for preeclampsia, as a way to improve pregnancy outcomes and long-term health for women and their babies.

Some efforts to understand preeclampsia focus on risk factors and causes (or mechanisms). Understanding the “how” and the “why” of the condition could provide effective ways to prevent it from occurring or to slow its progress. Evidence shows that certain factors, such as pre-pregnancy obesity or a first pregnancy, put women at higher risk for the condition. A recent NICHD spotlight described some of the Institute’s specific studies on the risk factors for preeclampsia, including studies on reducing risk.



The Gyneco-(b)Logic is packed full of fun and informative articles. Some of the recent features include:

Stop by this site and check out all that it has to offer, fresh from your own Dr. McDonald


SS 5-24 event

This event will be held our our office and is open to both patients and non-patients alike. We will discuss many types of body contouring, including our revolutionary SculpSure, which many of our doctors and staff have used ourselves.

Call our office at 312-263-5517, and dial ext 8 to reserve your space and be entered to win a free treatment.

Our special guest is Lawrence Iteld, M.D. Dr. Iteld specializes in the field of plastic surgery and will also be present to discuss all types of aesthetic procedures, both non-invasive and invasive.

We recently shared this amazing quote on our SculpSure page in response to a question about presenting aesthetics in the field of gynecology. Check it out below:

“I am absolutely of the view that, as a society, we have much to do to tackle the objectification and self-esteem issues that afflict young women in particular. But I think we have to do it through dialogue and discussion with young women (and young men) who are ever-more prone to the looks culture. … Condemning individuals for decisions they take to compete in a culture they themselves didn’t create is counterproductive and harmful, even if those decisions are ones we regard as medically unnecessary and politically distasteful. To me, the huge value of feminism has been the life-affirming value of women supporting each other in their choices. It is about understanding more, condemning less.”

-Angela Neustatter “I’m a feminist and I’ve had cosmetic surgery. Why is that a problem?” for The Guardian.


Red Nose Day

Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the kids who need us most, both at home and around the world.

Get ready—Red Nose Day returns May 25. Check out more at

Click this image to see a funny 2 minute video about regular people helping strangers, armed with 2 hours and $20. It’s so fun!

Red Nose Day May 25 2017


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The Double Times, Volume 1

March is Endometriosis awareness month

Endometriosis is a condition in which the type of tissue that forms the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is found outside of the uterus. It occurs in 1 in 10 of women of reproductive age.

Check out for more trusted information about Endometriosis disease.

Buzzfeed compiled:

27 Secrets Gynecologists Will Never Tell You

1. First, we REALLY don’t care whether you shave your legs or not.


Click here to read the rest. Hilarious and true…

Health Update of This Issue:

samuel-zeller-113381Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and the second most common cancer among both men and women in the United States.

You can help lower your risk of lung cancer in the following ways—

  • Don’t smoke. The most important thing you can do to prevent lung cancer is to not start smoking, or to quit if you smoke.
  • Avoid secondhand smoke. Smoke from other people’s cigarettes, pipes, or cigars is called secondhand smoke. Make your home and car smoke-free.
  • Get your home tested for radon. The second leading cause of lung cancer is radon, a naturally occurring gas that comes from rocks and dirt and can get trapped in houses and buildings
  • Read more by clicking here


Be sure to pick up our new WHC Birth Plan. It contains helpful tips and recommendations based on the latest data. You can trust our doctors to keep you and your baby safe.

Fun facts about the doctors of WHC…Penguins

Dr. Rubin has a poetic soul. She has written insiteful and creative poems that would impress a seasoned writer. Stay tuned for sneak peaks from her in future editions of The Double Negative.

Dr. Butler is an amazing chef. She makes meals from scratch that many would never attempt, even with the aid of Pinterest. A dinner at her house is better than a night out.

Dr. Blumenthal has the coolest dog ever. A gentle giant.

Dr. Kritzer once hand stenciled an entire wall of her cousins nursery. Her attention to detail is ingrained and she takes pride in it. The end product was amazing.

Dr. McDonald is in the process of publishing her first children’s book about girl power and positive body image. She hopes it will be the first of many children’s and adult books.

Stay tuned for more about the doctors at WHC.