Dr. McDonald’s Journey With SculpSure in Chicago

SculpSure in Downtown Chicago

Anybody who knows me, Dr. McDonald, and who has asked me about my post-baby belly has heard me tell the story that I was the first one to use the SculpSure laser in our office. I was the first to be strapped in as my co-workers looked at me waiting to see if I would combust.


It was kind of funny actually. As the deep warming and cooling cycles of SculpSure began, my co-workers asked if it hurt. I remember telling them it didn’t hurt, as much as it was rather intense at times. The crazy part was, despite the warmth I was feeling, my skin was cool. We each slid our fingers between the applicators and my skin. Cool to the touch.

Why SculpSure laser vs lipo?

Well, it has been exactly one year since my three-kids-later belly was zapped back to its original greatness (dramatic much?) But really, SculpSure restored my midsection and my confidence.

It really is the perfect treatment for trouble areas. It is not a weight loss program. SculpSure is truly body sculpting and contouring and I am a fan. I am always generally confident and proud, but we all have areas that we are self-conscious about. My small frame did not house my pooch very well. My children, who have jerk tendencies, were happy to ask me regularly if I was having another baby. They don’t ask anymore.

Why SculpSure vs Fat Freezing?

If you want to come in for a free SculpSure consult, just fill out the form below or call 312-263-5517, extension 7. I’m just saying, you won’t regret it. Click here for more answers to frequently asked questions. 

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