The Double Times, Volume 1

March is Endometriosis awareness month

Endometriosis is a condition in which the type of tissue that forms the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is found outside of the uterus. It occurs in 1 in 10 of women of reproductive age.

Check out for more trusted information about Endometriosis disease.

Buzzfeed compiled:

27 Secrets Gynecologists Will Never Tell You

1. First, we REALLY don’t care whether you shave your legs or not.


Click here to read the rest. Hilarious and true…

Health Update of This Issue:

samuel-zeller-113381Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and the second most common cancer among both men and women in the United States.

You can help lower your risk of lung cancer in the following ways—

  • Don’t smoke. The most important thing you can do to prevent lung cancer is to not start smoking, or to quit if you smoke.
  • Avoid secondhand smoke. Smoke from other people’s cigarettes, pipes, or cigars is called secondhand smoke. Make your home and car smoke-free.
  • Get your home tested for radon. The second leading cause of lung cancer is radon, a naturally occurring gas that comes from rocks and dirt and can get trapped in houses and buildings
  • Read more by clicking here


Be sure to pick up our new WHC Birth Plan. It contains helpful tips and recommendations based on the latest data. You can trust our doctors to keep you and your baby safe.

Fun facts about the doctors of WHC…Penguins

Dr. Rubin has a poetic soul. She has written insiteful and creative poems that would impress a seasoned writer. Stay tuned for sneak peaks from her in future editions of The Double Negative.

Dr. Butler is an amazing chef. She makes meals from scratch that many would never attempt, even with the aid of Pinterest. A dinner at her house is better than a night out.

Dr. Blumenthal has the coolest dog ever. A gentle giant.

Dr. Kritzer once hand stenciled an entire wall of her cousins nursery. Her attention to detail is ingrained and she takes pride in it. The end product was amazing.

Dr. McDonald is in the process of publishing her first children’s book about girl power and positive body image. She hopes it will be the first of many children’s and adult books.

Stay tuned for more about the doctors at WHC.

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